Joy (BGE)

At least this is all going well (pardon lack of textures). I think the scale will do for now. Since 2.6something Blender has an addon that generates terrain called ANT, which I have spent some extremely happy times with. To  my joy the Hobo wasd(zx)es just fine in this environment (and does not fall through the ground). If not flying it flips on bumpy terrain : Edit: oooer wait, it does still go through – something something modified mesh collision … fascinating side road, will have to leave for now because all I’m after is nice scenery to look at while I work, in scale).



Omigosh! Please tell me that is a sea up ahead!

I wonder if I can localise noise… Incidentally pink is a very practical colour! It is easy to spot your tiny spaceship in big untextured terrain primitives with huge mountains when it is pink!

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