I really have far too much going on just now for comfort, life has this dreary habit of piling it on. I noticed that before many times – difficult things, events and people in clusters. Time for a timeout! Yay cuppa tea and a wee moan then I go get on with what I can again.

So the big one is the builders are supposed to be arriving tomorrow, but nothing else is in place. I’m still here and so is my stuff, so obviously that’s not going to happen eh. That means everything will be rushpanic when it does happen – my favourite. I can’t finish packing since I have no idea when I’m leaving. Sitting here in a mostly-done mess. You need some objects to live. I can still sort through all that paper though, and must.

Then some govt/officially formy thing that I know is up to date and ok on my end suddenly went awry with no input from me, so I need to sort that out tomorrow, or at least begin the arduous process. I learned when widowed to photocopy every communication and send it recorded, just btw, well it links. Having seen how they are handling the disabled, sick and old I wouldn’t be surprised if the old trick is being used of putting money in limbo (where it earns interest for them) while forms trundle backwards and forwards through the post, often getting “lost”. I filled in 3 sets of one forms once before I read a book in which someone remarked how often widow forms get lost and suggested the method I use now. Recorded delivery for the 4th one which of course arrived safely. The mail here is very reliable, no I don’t believe my forms got lost in the mail. In fact I don’t believe anything is wrong now either, I think this is another one of those deliberate “create holes for money to fall through” efforts. Grr.

Ok so that’s that, then school begins on Tuesday and people must be shuffled about to be in place. Teenagers… mornings… holiday sleep patterns….. hahaha! ohhh… I’m glad I’m not young! That means a late start for me too as I spend the early part of the morning doing support. Heave!!!!

Ahm, at some point, occupation stuff… I dont write about that stuff  here. Oh. Not too bad then, when you list it. I think I’m fretting more because there is nothing I can immediately do about any of it. And it’s uncomfortable being stuck in the middle of stuff churning and flying about with no control or direction or time limit. It’s over when it’s over.

And I’m fretting even more because I have my own stuff I’d dearly like to be doing which always gets pushed to zero time left. Sigh.

Midnight now, and no, I’m not feeling up to PltGardenShed… or anything else much. But that’s the point isn’t it. Fill everyone’s time to the limit – preferably with straw-to-gold tasks. Circles, loops of useless futile activity, needless stress. All such nonsense. Well nvm I got a little energy left I’ll go and totally spend it washing dishes. Not really a very good thing to spend time on, but necessary.

Hey I just remembered – the one great thing about idiots who’ve wangled themselves into a position where they can colossally mess the whole population around is that once you’ve minimised the impact in your own corner of the universe, you can sit back and watch them crash and burn (metaphorically of course!). The longer it takes, the more satifying it is. I will get my knitting and go and sit by the guillotine once I’ve dealt with my own state-originated, unnecessary, extra, tedious,  no doubt it will take months, hassle. And helped here and there where it’s apt/possible with other people’s woes. I can give up passive media again after 🙂

Better go to bed – there really isn’t more I can do for today.

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