I was nosing around in the passive media (probably give it up again soon) and it is reported that here in Britain it has been decreed that nobody is terminally ill, disabled, aged and frail or mentally incapable. No. We are all perfectly functioning (lolwut?). Oh and I forgot mere ordinary illness. Nobody is sick either.

That’s like deciding you’re the Emperor of the Universe. Delusional much?

But it gets worse. We now have a law to that effect. Ikr.

Please rely on more knowledgeable sources for the exact wording of the law (as always) but here is what it does:

Dying people are perfectly fit for work – and for all lesser conditions and activities, the same applies. (Support, financial and otherwise, dispensed (or rather withheld) accordingly).

You can appeal this law if err, you think you are dying (you’re probably wrong!!) or sick (also probably a figment of your imagination!!!) or otherwise unable (nope!).  If you’re too ill or otherwise unable to go through the appeal process  which probably involves attending interviews as well as a pile of stupendous forms, tough there’s no provision for that. There are no sick people anyway, only healthy ones waiting to be told the good news.

If I understand correctly, officially accepted proof of being about to die (and all lesser conditions) becomes invalid on acceptance and must be constantly renewed (in other words you’ve only proved you’re dying (and lesser conditions) up until now this minute – you are now cured and perfectly well until you can prove you weren’t cured after all just then.  Wow look a dead parrot.

This means that any exceptions to this national miracle of total well-being are conveniently nullified at source.

Get off thy deathbed and attend your work assessment interview!  Yep, already happened not once, not twice – it’s now routine. So if you’re unwell you have a nice spin-straw-to-gold task ahead of you, you do not get to rest and heal or accept your circumstances. For all the life left, you must spend proving real things are real via forms and interviews to an entity which has already decided that reality is irrelevant.

You couldn’t make it up – and it just begs to be ripped into, ridiculed and commented on which is why I’m deviating from games for a “wow, this is….really overboard!” moment.

As double backup, medical history and professional medical assessment are not considered proof. Don’t bother going to your gp or even a specialist for proof – (go for treatment. mind). They don’t count. They’re completely wrong about your condition and have been treating you for years mistakenly.  The medical profession doesn’t seem to be much bothered about being effectively legally blanket-deemed a bunch of incompetents/liars. I would be upset about it if it was me, but then that’s maybe just a foible.

Anyway reality doesn’t agree. Old age, terminal conditions, illness and disability exist alright and require response. Denial is not an option.

I predict tears before bedtime as this now legal delusion is enforced (happening now), and afterwards when people get cross about the damage done. I’m pretty sure the stress, grief, upset and the extra (unwaged) work of coping with the fallout will annoy many otherwise comfortable folk. I don’t think anyone will escape the colossal amount of piece-picking-up even if they are not one of those now officially miraculously cured who are expected to function perfectly from now on (or else!). It’s going to be messy.

I know that at it’s extreme all this will lead to a healthier population as the weaker amongst us fail and die. Defining people out of welfare will cost less not only in the short term but in the long term. (Not being able to afford heating when you are in a very poor state of health/elderly is pretty lethal – for example). Don’t quote me statistics, I’m sure all the unnecessary deaths will be officially ascribed purely to mechanical failure of the sick/old/less able hamster concerned. 2013 will be the year we all confronted an enforced delusion, (seamlessly and deliberately backed up by obstructive paperwork – once you’ve seen it you’re never fooled again). Or the year we didn’t see where delusion leads until it was too late. Nobody is immune from sickness, accident or death, many of us will unexpectedly fall foul of this – there are no privelidged elite who avoid health problems, age or mortality and the financial consequences thereof. Even the rich get poorer when medical and/or funeral bills roll in.

And of course there are less extreme forms of suffering than death itself. Well, we’ll be seeing a lot of that too, and someone, maybe you, will need to use time money and energy to sort that little lot out. We all have relatives/friends/neighbours/colleagues. And illness and incapacity often involve bodily functions, disruption, even wreckage as people keel over. Baggies me not cleaning up George at the desk next door’s spew when a panic attack hits him.

Ahm, putting my hand up and calling BS on the Emperor’s New Clothes = I don’t buy it. I don’t believe everyone is cured and able.

And deliberate damage to the weak by depriving them of the money needed to survive when they (reality calling!) cannot work will have unpredictable and unpleasant consequences because that’s the laws of causality in operation, or as I like to put it:

If you act as if a false is true
you land yourself in deep doo doo
(this operates in coding too)

We do indeed have a perfect economy to base our own efforts on, earth in wilderness state. Wilderness runs perfectly in an economic sense. Hyaenas are known as the doctors of the veld for their culling role in that perfect economy, keeping prey populations healthy, generally, until they themselves overpopulate and starve of course. But we haven’t been part of that brutal but perfect economy for quite some time now and unless we wish to return to brutality (don’t know about you, but I’d rather not) we must needs form our own artificial economy with morals included.  = No backdoor hounding, damaging and otherwise further weakening of the weak. And persecution of the already dying? Ffs! never mind “oh dear”.

Eew yuk, this place sometimes. Slimy.

On the bright side if a new variant of the plague breaks out, we have magical people! who can make things just go away by simply making a law saying they aren’t there and we can all carry on as normal. What am I worried about?

And just to be prickly – is anyone auditing how much a single person’s application, unnecessarily complicated forms and a lot of them, ongoing interviews and repeated appeals are costing to process and administer including the wages of all employees involved, incentives to all agencies involved and fees for all agencies involved?

I don’t expect the cost of a delayed return to work of someone who could conceivably have been spending their time you know, um…. resting and healing (gasp!!) instead of trying to prove they are sick to be counted. That would be too real.

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