Why not Unity 3 Free? (Unity 3 Free, BGE)

Sometimes the search terms on this blog remind me of things I wanted to write about. In fact I don’t think I’ll be using the Blender Game Engine either. A read of the dev notes looking ahead for the Game Engine reveals a totally unambitious agenda  http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Source/GameEngine with level editing shunted off to “we’ll make it easier to join to other programs”. The comment that this engine is primarily for modelling is also an evil omen. It reminds me of “it’s made for high end machines” said snottily about Rift and I’m pretty sure it comes from the same well of indolence. I think that this is silly given that the engine holds up quite well against the competition even in it’s present gimped state..

Unity 3 Free is fun to play with but again one look ahead shunts it out of the picture. The piggyback payment method is not acceptable for a start. It is impossible to predict what might catch on and become popular – if anything does the last thing you want is a leech demanding more money as your profits grow so that what should be initial development outlay becomes a running cost. No thank you. I also don’t like the sticky way data is stored and organised. At the point where popularity takes off, I don’t want to be remaking anything with that intertangled data set-up to avoid being locked into paying unnecessary dev costs as running costs. So that’s why.

In the end I will write my own customised, dedicated, streamlined engine. That’s become clear. But I can still use some tools to create some assets and to work on ideas. Blender’s file and data structure is more transparent, better organised, and hey, they even give you the source. That means that any engine I make can be created to take advantage of ideas I’ve already worked there. How exactly it will all join up remains as always my primary avenue of approach.

Unity might come in handy later if I think about mobile apps, but really I’m not that interested in the app market right now. Teensy attention span games are ok, but that’s not where I’m headed. Plus that’s where all the clone merchants stealing ideas are clustered just now.

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