Time to try a Mooc i think

Right now life is in flux, and I am better suited and healthier when I can avail myself of order, tranquility and sequential routine. I find I am getting gloomy, which is not good, and I think I will do something interesting and different to counteract that, as well as go for long walks, eat herrings and sleep plentifully. Next year will be a strange one and I don’t want to spend my time now worrying about it  and letting the stress levels rocket. My plan is to buy a lot of lentils (stock up against famine), cut down on the heating (attempt to retain some disposable income – I know this is futile) and plod through the changes, including things which are going to be ghastly. It’s a good enough plan, now to stop the brain from circling around the worry like a tongue exploring toothache.  From experience I know the above will break up the stress and I can get back to my now 3.5 metres of papers to sift through, and when I’m relaxed from feeling holy due to doing something I loathe – PlanetGardenShed!

So a Mooc. Udacity – democratisation of education. That one. There are some scammy ones out there that miss the point. The point is that anyone can access these. Like f2p games – it’s not good enough to pretend to be a la carte and then demand a subscription to open the full game. That’s false advertising by the way, but since we’re still arguing definitions  for f2p there is nothing to be done about it. And as for Moocs – offering money back guarantees courses isn’t it, nor is setting timetables. The accessibility barrier is a combination of time and money not one or either. So anyway.

It took 3 seconds to sign up and enroll in a beginner course which should teach me how to build a webcrawler, nice it was so quick. Literally type in your details and away you go.

I’ll let you know how I get on.

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