at which truly rivetting moment I have to go and do dutiful borungstuff. I do wish I knew when I was going to be required to move. Suitcase is packed, last bits of declutter… well. I found I had 4m of paperwork accumulated. It’s not boxed yet. Plenty to keep me occupied. Then I have to shop daily since no point keeping food. All sort of halfsies just now. One leg out the door, the rest of me body still living here … Madness. Glad I have this blog, PlanetGardenshed and games generally to give my brain a break from fretting. People should be coming back from the annual Christmas with Grandma too – more shopping and shuggling to try and keep it all going with min mats. Sometimes I find an empty cardboard box and it makes me so happy ! You wouldn’t believe how happy I get when I find a free cardboard box !! Maybe I will find a box today! Well gats to go out for fresh veg anyway and now I’m all excited about it.


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