Is that ure new Blackberry, awnice …ofc Ai’ve got a Raspberry Pi

for 2013, the other thing I got myself was a Raspberry Pi. Games…. have done their stuff for the schoolers I think, PlanetGardenShed is pretty much only my sandpit unless it comes in useful again for other people and I do want it trundling on in the background – people learn stuff by osmosis just as much as they do by concentrating. The Raspberry Pi will fill a nice big schoolish gap. Seeing what computers are made of in books is dishwater dull. I’ll let them figure out what parts and components it needs/can link up with to make it work and we can add to it and they can experiment. Should be fun!

(it’s basically a motherboard and some sockets, doesn’t cost any kind of fortune and it is a very neat idea – my neighbour got one a few months ago and I was smit.)

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