How to find the perfect starter village (Wurm 1.0)

There is really only one trick to this, and that’s to match yourself with the right people – it is not too hard. You’ll know what kind of game you prefer to play – fighter, builder, artisan, social climber – whatever. Register a forum account and look for starter villages advertising new players, then use the “members” tab to look for the person who posted the advertisement and have a read of their previous posts. It will give you an idea of what kind of person this is, and you can pretty much wing it from there.

To get names to check out you could also post that you are looking for a village – do a “hello I’m here” post. People tend to respond kindly to these. Once you’re in, the usual pratty attitude to new players can be found here and there, just move on if you come across one of these fools though, and you’ll be fine. Usually though people are happy to advise starters. Sometimes they might be busy, or indifferent. You should be ok.

And when you find a likely starter village, if thorough, visit first. But only if thorough – travel is difficult in Wurm so your first choice is likely to be the area where you’ll stay for quite some time. With this in mind the established spawn starter villages are probably a good place. The Inner City Orphanage springs to mind and I think there is one called The Sanctuary in Deli.

Pitfalls and types of village

Well noobfarming has been tried and tried again but fails every time. Some brainiac always figures that they can set up a factory with new players working for a pittance and then gets upset when they wander off. Fact is you can go it alone on Wurm and it does not take people long to work that out, or alternatively to find a village that does not require indentured labour in return for learning the ropes. If you like this style of play, factories aren’t too hard to spot – look for the terms “hard workers” in the ad 🙂

There are no game penalties for leaving a village that doesn’t suit – however mayors have been known to nurse grudges for years, attached to their chests like the cadavers of dead infants. When reading posts it’s wise to try and guess if this is that sort of person – talk of “quitters” and other terms of abuse directed at people who dare to leave or posts which personally attack other players should alert you,  I would think. You can survive these nuts anyway though. A good village provides an excellent buffer – in fact so does your own deed.

If trading is your thing, silver-interested individuals will post all about prices and suchlike when you check them out, or gold coins etc. People who arrive and attempt to play Wurm as a trading game pretty soon go mad, is the problem. This lot most likely to froth at the mouth. But it shouldn’t be to hard to find and join a trading village. (They probably also prefer “hard workers”).

Artisans are maybe best off with one of the established starter villages, easily spotted by their altruistic tone. They genuinely want to help, are usually situated near spawn (not always) and you can always forum message the op to see how you get along. It is hard to get materials, tools and a place to work when you first start out – hard but fun. Some people prefer to skip the struggle stage and get going on their craft.

Be wary of bribes, as in life. Something is likely expected back for fine tools and armours etc even if its that you are expected to bumlick and fawn.  Social climbing (/spit) is alive and well in Wurm, if you like that kind of quasi-social life all the usual types are easy to come by and they obey all the usual rules. You might like to know the flags – stone houses not wood, small wooden shacks frowned on, oak trees not fruit, white horses not black or omg brown, a caravel if at all possible, a large deed, and of course desirable ingame items.

Fighting villages – again easy enough to spot. If you are a PvP er you probably know what to look for. It’s on a PvP server? And… the op – posts on PvP matters (endlessly…. hehehe – ok I run now!)

That’s all I can think of really, but it’s quite a diverse world so there’s probably more.


In Wurm the “I Win” button is your own ingenuity and how you make use of what you have. Villages are a great resource and the forums are another great resource. There are loads of different kinds of villages. If you know what you like it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that is looking for new players and has the kind of people that suit you in it, just by hanging on the forums.


You could just pick a direction, walk until something kills you, see what you see, find what you find and meet whom you meet. It never harms to say hello in local. If people are absent or busy they won’t answer and if they are evil you’ve gained some information. If you’re lucky you maybe rescue a troll in distress or a beautiful damsel finds you passed out at the water’s edge – who knows?

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