Usher Hall o/ (Edinburgh)

Hmmph! Well, the burgess look needs some tweaking anyway. One sock kept falling down, I filled my handbag with water inadvertantly in the ladies (autotap in the sink) while applying a suitably bland lipstick and someone asked me to go out with them for a drink. Clearly not quite repellent enough. I may accept that offer at some later point. I know the gentleman slightly and he has wit, (also his own establishment and does not collect women like beads), which means a fair chance of just plain an enjoyable evening in a pub, nothing more. And that would be nice.

Otherwise had a very splendid evening and can recommend the Usher Hall, the staff are lovely! The seats are comfortable, I could see everthing though I am a vertically challenged person, and yes, was very nice. Since I’ll be out in Edinburgh more than usual from now on I thought I’d write about whatever I come across. It’s a beautiful city, which I live in but don’t know all that much about. It has some fabulous ghost stories, I do know that.

I am currently waiting for dates and times to be arranged regarding my move so at something of a loose end. Today I’ll do a tidy and yes, yay and multiple woops, work on PlanetGardenshed. I think it’s becoming a sort of comic. Fair enough.

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4 thoughts on “Usher Hall o/ (Edinburgh)

  1. I didn’t realize you were living in Edinburgh. I lived in West Lothian just before we moved from the UK. I don’t suppose you could pop to my favorite cheese monger and post me some Christmas delights could you 😉

    • Hiya Ganks 🙂 – which would that be? The one in Trinity or the one on the windy road up the hill in the Old Town near where the wizard used to keep a Giantess in days of yore?

  2. It was the I.J. Mellis on Morningside Road. A couple Valencay will do nicely 🙂

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