I grind like a machine! Yeah well… (gaming generally)

Just a quickie here – it’s always amazed me that in closed systems like games it doesn’t occur to anyone to simply audit players regularly, but it doesn’t. Very odd. Maybe these things need to be coded in from the start but to be clear there are n hours in a day, n actions in and hour and n quantities of gamegoodies per action. So anyone that exceeds the possible numbers is clearly playing with the code.

Anyway, as I said, players don’t appear to be audited.

Another way of detecting yebots would be a simple check on time played. So superheroes who can do the max 24 hour gamegoodie-earning 24/7  week in and week out, and hold down a team of oxen in real life should stand out. Like sore thumbs. Or miracles. Or hax. You know, I’m really not convinced by some grinders. I get a performance dip too when I approach some people as they “work”. Always the same people. Maybe it’s their stunning armour affecting my client, but I don’t think so.

I was looking at the frontrunners on the new server in Wurm and yes, there were some interesting concurrences (it’s not really hard to guess who is who either.)  Never mind all the tricksie antibot code and antibot rules – you can easily see the people who are way ahead (particularly after launches), and keep an eye on them.

Again I think people could most easily caught botting at the payout stage. All that grinding is meant to lead to some gain, perhaps monetary. Whoever is heading fastest for the eurograb/gamesilver is heavily visible (or could be made to be so). I think the problem is more that systems are not in place to backtrack their activity towards that point. Or analyse it. If it were possible to look back I’m sure the oddities would stand out a mile – moving too fast, travelling underground, possession of items that should not be accessible in the time frame. Or highly statted characters that never appear to have been online. Ordinary play would be even more obvious with gaps for sleep, work or school. If an account was shared it should be possible to see 2/3 distinct patterns even just in keypresses/minute. Tricksie software for the analasis part, the detect aint that hard!!

Note to self: It’s a box, what goes in can be measured and what comes out should relate to what goes in, and what players do in the box needs to be accessible for analysis if output is suspiciously high and real money is involved.

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