Hmm something funny with the meat (Edinburgh).

I’m looking forward to my outing to the Usher Hall this evening. After some needless phone bill inflating (on hold, on hold, on hold…) I found a person who was most surpised to learn that you cannot enter @ and .com in the fields where it asks for your email when you register. Well, they’re informed now and I presume they don’t think anyone apart from me knows about it (lawl) so I doubt it will be fixed soon. I am currently running a nice bath and sorting out my outfit for this evening. What shall I go as? I don’t think “old and possibly disturbed tramp” will be the right look this time, thought I’m very fond of it.

In fact next year, I’m changing my look. I’ve kind of been avoiding men really – don’t want the bother. So I’ve been dressing down some. Dressing down lots hehehe. It’s jolly comfortable! Today I’m throwing out my pair of socks with the truly magnificent holes though. Took 3 months to get them that way (now I know). I think I’ll try for the burgess look – mildly prosperous and definitely settled. Hopefully that will not attract too much. We’ll see – I can always go back to “old tramp”.

I am in fact neither mildly prosperous nor an old tramp, I just want daily garb that is comfortable, sensible and repellent to anyone looking for an easy anything – I’ll write about being a widow some other time.

So donning some new gear then, later on – it’ll be nice. Meanwhile to my disgust my meal planning has gone awry and that will eat into time spent in PlanetGardenShed as I find a better source. Morrison’s meat was always pretty good, but the last 3 small joints I bought smelled a bit odd. Not bad, just chemical. And the when I cooked them there wasn’t a delicious roasty smell – in fact I found them pretty repellent, but again not in a tainted way. And no, nothing made me sick. I have no idea what they’ve done to the stuff but I don’t want to eat it. It smells really yuk, while cooking and when cooked. There were a couple of weeks between each purchase, so it’s not some kind of one off. I’ll need to take a day out to find a decent butcher close-ish to where I live, beginning with alternative supermarkets. Pity, it was good meat and good value.

I doubt I’ll be home for Christmas, thankfully, so there’s no big mad rush to find a good butcher and load the freezer. The freezer is now empty. Might swap to living on pizzas ’til the packers arrive.

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