Putting this right here before I go bite someone!

One of the things that annoyes me verra verra verra much (oh btw I’m not actually Scottish, but sometimes they so do have the words) is things that don’t work, while everyone is running around trying to be boss.  All kinds of “managers”/”bosses”/(also guildleaders and village mayors) too busy being topdoggie to actually see to it things function. Chalk on freaking blackboard.

However cake totally taken for non-functioning while being pushy by the Usher Hall. When I went online to buy tickets I had to register (really….., like me buying a ticket entitles you to this?) – ok, I need the tickets, I’ll do.

email address field doesn’t accept alphanumeric characters.

no alphanumeric characters allowed in email field.

you mean like…       @ and .com


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