What happened next… (Wurm 1.00)

0.20 am (13th): By the time I woke up the servers had been up once for long enough for the first aaarghs! Down again now to try and fix a few ehm dropshafts in mines and whatnot. You don’t miss a lot by walking away during these things, hehe. The new one wasn’t up yet. So, I’ll leave this post open and add stuff if there is anything interesting. Must be awful to be overinvolved though – I see some twitching!

I do like this bit – the unexpected stuff (usually lethal in Wurm). Bugfixes are usually quick, not your WoW style 8/12 hour jobbies, so I’m looking forward to a couple of hours of spectating before I get some more sleep. Outside the frost is thick on the ground which looks like iron. Those orange streetlights we go in for nowadays are so hideous – wonder what the people of the future will think of them. And so stupid not to have them so they don’t shine upwards. Can’t see stars in the city. I miss stars. Who wouldn’t? Nevermind don’t answer that – I know exactly the kind of people that wouldn’t miss seeing stars and clearly there are too many of them.



I walked and walked from Blossom along the coast until nobody was in local, then I walked even more until I saw people again, then I walked back about halfway between people groups and planted a deed. It did no good. Within an hour I had 3 neighbours. For my taste (purely personal preference) Wurm is overpopulated and urban – but just for a little while, for a few hours, it really did capture the feeling of wilderness completely, which is an extraordinary thing for a game to do.

And I enjoyed that very much 🙂

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