12/12/12 Today’s The Day (Wurm 1.0)

8.30 am GMT: At 12:12 it will be Wurm 1.00. Here’s the countdown timer 🙂 http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20121212T131212&p0=239&msg=Wurm+1.0.

I’m off out for supplies! Into the ice!!!! (dang, minus wotsit again today, I should stay in bed)

10.10 am : Back – woo it’s cold out there. Having trouble logging in :). IRC is quite full – and the tutorial area is heaving!

10.25 am : got in, just probably the lag at TD. Taking pictures of the lighting makes a boat ride more fun. Wurm has the best weather. Wurm has the best weather ever!




great now i got lost again!  I better stop with the pictures.

Hmm that last one I didn’t get a snap of was a little close you know.

11.00 am : Made it back home and that’s all my preparations finished. I’m going to enjoy the survival game with a few friends and help out new people as the opportunity arises. I’ll keep an eye on things for the next hour or so while I get some real life done.

11.13 am : I got good timing. That’s the servers going down. Not sure why – I got no official connections, me :). I expect it will be up and down from now on – the bit I always try to miss anyway. Perfect.

11.30 am : Release delayed. New timer here: http://timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20121212T15&p0=239&msg=Wurm+1.0+New+Time (credit to Schwanke)

1.55 pm : Just about the deadline, and another two hours wait announced :). Most Wurmians now sleep deprived and thinking “nap!”. I’m not sleep deprived but I’m also thinking “nap!” – err but that’s because  I just had lunch and I love afternoon napping. However and alas I discovered a corner of a cupboard in the kitchen that still has stuff in it I can throooowwww away. So better do that. Nah. Can do this evening. Nap !! All taken with good humour though.I think we’re confident enough in the team by now. We wait, it ok.  I’ll keep irc running while I err…. (nap)

3.35 pm : Nah I was good, I cleared out a load of stuff. Sleep deprivation’s really biting there on irc though – you can tell by the disjointedness. Anyway if we’re in for another 2 hrs, which is totally possible, I maybe put my head down a bit or maybe I do some paperwork.  You find such odd things when you clear out… yoghurt maker? When did I get a yoghurt maker? (kept that).

3.40 pm: Yep, delayed. Hmm wonder if we’ll get there today at all. 6pm is the new time. I’m thinking… later this evening I will probably go doze between attempts since they are 2 hours apart, until the Head Hamster goes home. He must be exhausted. There is a little more annoyance showing this time, but really, pfft stuff like this, bugs, delays, nothing new.

5.45 pm : Press release is up on Massively. Think this might be it! Am I weird for enjoying this?

6.03 pm : Hih. Another delay – think it’s close now but I go zizz a bit 🙂

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