Now while it’s quiet… (Wurm 1.0)

So it’s the day before release and everything has gone sleepy again, heehee. I wonder what tomorrow will be like. I still have a few things to write before I move house, and one of them is about Wurm. I want to be ready to start 2013 with a clean slate, different interests, different aims. Like I did last year. I’m not sure how much I’ll play Wurm in 2013 – I’m not inclined to quit but the time it takes might turn out to be something I cannot spare. I can’t tell from here, we’ll see. My intent is to stay, but other things are more important so if it’s a stark choice, if I don’t have the time, Wurm goes first –  before other games, it goes – simply because everything else I play fits into a normal life.

Anyway should be interesting to see how much of a presence I can maintain. I’d like to be around, because there is something I’d like to see.

I think, Wurm is still at fundament a PvP game, and I think that’s the interesting part of it too. The mentality that believes perimeters are fine as they are is not a PvE mentality at all. It’s the kind of mind that thinks fortresses are normality and huddling together is a good thing. But the PvE side is very successful and kudos to Rolf for pulling that off as well as he has. He deserves every penny earned from it.

Uncommented here, I have started raising a PvP alt too, an old fashioned one without the Epic speedskills – probably be 20 years before she battleready. I’d like to see Rolf work more where his heart lies, and hope to be around for that in 2013 and the years to come. I can’t speak for another person so this is just guess but great fortresses, earth walls, archers, battlemachines! horses, supplies, supporting crafters, and outlying farms, towers, garrisons, moats and above all battle – I’m guessing that’s what it was all built for and to a very large degree sight of that has been lost as small things are hammered out. This great warlike idea and a world formed for it, no mean feat in itself, and then a horde of frustrated PvE Sandboxers arrived and went “Oooh farms!!!!!Flowers!!!!”  Hahahahaha poor Rolf (if that’s what happened)!

I don’t care to be right in my guesses, I’m more interested to see what actually happens and I’m human enough to hope that what interests the main dev most is where the effort will now go. In case I’m not around to wish it later in the month due to Internetlessness –  Happy Christmas Rolf and the Team, and a Merry New Year.

For tomorrow at least I will be there. Good Luck!


Multistorey? Bring it on!

(Those were made to play with mulit-storey, to skill carpentry with repair and improve – and incidentally they “secure” a part of my perimeter too.  Imagine what it would look like if I did the whole perimeter – blech. Already looks like some battery chicken farm. Sometime ahead when I bored fixing them they go poof. For now they provide a public walkway along the cliffbottom within my perimeter.)

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