Sunday was a nice sleepy day and then… (Wurm 1.0)

  • “The ability to raise cave and surface level rock using a rudimentary form of concrete has been invented by angry miners
  • Bewildered weapon smiths have invented a way to smelt unused metal with some sort of pottery devide
  • At a workshop in the art of “thinking outside of the forge” smiths understood how to keep improving one item and gain better skill with less improvement, instead of spewing out tons of items.
  • The tutorial area now has increased chance of creating certain basic items in order to keep people from quitting before they understand the beauty and rewards of perseverance.
  • Caves have started acting up and you should avoid riding in them for the time being. Also you may become glued to walls or end up inside them. Relog in those cases. We are working on fixing these issues with a client update.
  • Falling damage was increased for higher altitudes.
  • New items will no longer have to be polished in order to be finished.
  • For some nice Sunday listening, turn on Wurm Online Radio:


cave floor 🙂

(from the Devblogge of Wurme)

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