School bites mum goes it alone

In my long and spickly speckly career I once did data inputting for a newspaper, I’ve seen worse. But commas are a wonderful thing.

School bites, mum goes it alone

I am inarush again this morning. This flurry of posts because I want to bat out a few more past-related things now, so I can move on to other things.

On my terms and for my purposes …Thingie aka TWoFB is a total success already. People have been shuffled into “good” high schools (lets hope), the straight As are rolling in, people are being moved up classes. Even in math. Etc. Beginning to create our own game was particularly good for the maths – Blender makes you think in mathy ways – about shapes, relationships, spatial patterns. And the numbers are always there, unobtrusive, but changing in the ui as you try things and move things. Even such a simple as seeing a number get bigger or smaller as you do something registers something somewhere in the brain. excellent.

It worked, basically.

…Thingie , our game-in-the-making did it’s job and then some. It addressed gaps in the schooling and helped with things that might otherwise have been difficult to grasp and become familiar with. I could fold the project right now. I now get to enjoy the discomfort of the people who made their mouths look like the wrong end of a turkey with disapproval when they learned how much videogaming goes on in my housee. Haaaahahaha! Silly prunes 🙂

But it’s more practical to keep the project ticking over until other gaps in education appear (do they cover commerce?) – probably economics, err marketing? law? I imagine business systems are touched on somewhere. Can’t have the workbots leaving school without knowing how to file stuff and use office software can we. It might be something else that is lacking or that people struggle with. The creation of a game covers so many different things, fortunately, that it will be good for purpose again I am sure.

High school is a far more demanding environment too of course. Young people appear here tired!! And brain-full. And have homework to do yet. The hours are long (way too long afaiac) and there is a lot of new material to assimilate. There simply isn’t the time for a hefty side-project. Plus, to my delight! The beginnings of an independent social life. Yay! Social life takes up a lot of time hehehe 🙂

And then, lastly but not leastly, I enjoy doing it myself, so TWoFB will not fold, die or be unworked-on. It’s my full-on creative space, and it is fabulous for that. It hits all the right spots. Only I and my immediate progeny work on our game-project-hobby (I don’t care what you call it, pick whatever label, it won’t change anything or stop anyone) so decisions like this don’t affect anyone else. Other people who waft into our orbit are welcome to “research” (play computer games), to learn tools, to discuss ideas, but anything they do, think up or make goes out the door with them. Fair’s fair. They might need it later, and we have plenty of our own.

I am glad of this hiatus in other people’s input though. It allows me to move things along past the graphics. I don’t want us sidelining into making tons of assets at this point. I am going to push Blender to its limits engine-wise and then see what’s needed to go further. High on my list of things to sort out is creating  a standalone program (I don’t care what). I want to see how the process goes, and once done, how it runs, and if it crashes other people’s computers and all that stuff.

But even higher on my list of priorities is to get some (concurrent) systems in. Again I don’t care what. Sun rising and setting, blobs hitting other blobs, it doesn’t really matter. Because the systems will take me into scripting, which is the path to coding, which is the path to the Arcane Priesthood of Grande Somethingorothers Who Do Something Important… I jest. That’s not it at all. This is:

Scripting is the far shore. When I revisit coding (dive into the ocean) I intend to know where I’m headed (far shore where the graphics live) so that I know what is relevant. Just sitting down and re-learning say, C++ is pretty daft. It’s big and going down all the irrelevancies will waste a lot of time (be interesting though, and can be saved for lunch later). Plus C++ has limitations (or used to – maybe not so now?) and using the context of what I want to do with it (far shore), I’ll know soon if it’s any good for us and which parts of it to lavish special attention on. (might be C# we end up with).Beyond that, of course lie even more arcane coding areas – which I will use the same method to wade through. Farshoring ™.

So all that, my lovelies. And there’s more!

But it will have to wait. I have finished my morning tea, and the day awaits.

But first a little special love for people who pour vitriol on other people’s efforts. I see a lot of it on the internet and it’s a waste of words folks, everyone you’re aiming it at thinks “oh blech, another one” and skips it.

Your attempt to undermine is skipped, binned and ignored totally because it is of no use: It is not possible to enthuse any kind of team at all, by aiming low, or emitting anything but the internal confidence you feel in what you’re doing. Nobody achieves anything ever anywhere with the “I’m not good enough and it’s too hard for the likes of little me” attitude you try so hard to impose. What’s more any further advice you give or comments you make are not going to be noticed. You have, in fact, made yourself and your knowledge, vast though it may possibly be, unwelcome.

So, oh glittering eyes  in the dark beyond the fire-light and warmth – better go ooze contempt alone and somewhere else. Bercause I really don’t like yoooooooo, really, I don’t (she sings)!

Warning the First. Battlesong.

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