Enough of the girlie stuff

I seem to have a bee up my bhind today – you get days like that. I blame the weather. Didn’t we used to make fires to burn old garden debris this time of year? I really want to shift the last stuff I need to deal with into heaps and… yes, well you get the idea.

Still on the subject of TWoFB. Now that I’m done pussyfooting about it’s a hobby, it’s education, (it’s labelled, now go away), plus I’m too feeble and stupid a person to possibly etc. I’m just going to tackle it’s uhm what that word? When you copy something and only change it a bit. Derivative? And I bet it’ll be Wurm it’s meant to be derived from.

Well, I already have a Wurm tx. So, no. Players able to change environment I’m doing for sure, but it won’t be terraforming terrain. At least not in the first part of the trilogy and only later if it suits. That won’t be central at all or even of interest for a long, long time. In fact player adaptation of vast area-type terrain there will be zero of in part one. Heh πŸ™‚ Hard to find the exact right words. It’s there but…

If I can’t get plants to grow on the other hand, I probably cancel the whole thing so there will be that kind of dirts. Hey this teasing business is fun!

So yes, I want it out there. Trilogy, no terrain-terraforming in part one anyway (but another kind of player/environment adapting), plants growing. Crafting, defo, housing for sure, pvp no (mebbe do one later, later, later), and a few other littel fireworks, to spice things up (did I just say that?????) Plenty to keep a body busy. It won’t look or play like Wurm. It’s not Wurm. I have a Wurm. Wurm is doing fine πŸ™‚ and you won’t evah find me on the forums hoiking my goods. I want Wurm as an escape thanks, a somewhere else. At the moment it is my main game that I like to play to relax, something separate from everything else, different, where someone else (Rolf) takes the load. Without that difference, it won’t work for me so I have no interest whatsoever in replicating it.

Combat probably not twitch, but hehe not millenial either – and thar will be Magic! I think. Long before anyone is invited in, should we get that far, there will be single-player bits that I might send into the world. Spin-offs. To try stuff.

And that’s my vaporware set out. It might be this environment never sees digital public feet. More likely friends and family. We’ll see. The process! Is what I want to enjoy and describe.

I’m keeping the feely weely stuff on this blog, but moving copies of all associated posts/pics/details to its own blog so they are all in one place when/if I get around to websites. Ok.
Oh. And TW stands for “The Wilding”
And PlanetGardenShed is a completely unrelated entity where I just mess around and try things.

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