well, the playerbase “gets” it (Wurm linkfluff)

What I was writing about last post. Here’s where some proper Wurm orientated 1.00 buzz  can be found:

http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/70619-wor-wurm-online-radio-station/ = a Wurmy radio station!

http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/69757-serversaredowncom-is-officially-up/page__hl__serversaredown.com = excellent video and blog series

http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/70764-fan-site-hispana-publicada-spanish-fansite-release/ = spanish fan site 🙂

http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/70496-sandboxerorg-poll-for-best-sandbox-mmo-of-2012/ = sandbox award nominees

flood control has set in on my forum search, but someone is making movements in Reddit also (I’ll look for link later if I have a spare moment). Apologies if I missed your thing you’re doing, I am just writing this fast with morning cup of tea and taking what’s there.

Stonking good work, all those above I say!

Aha you say, these preach to the converted. Well, not only Wurmians read my blog. Setting the above up allows me (a wellwisher and player) to link to them, showcasing what a vibrant amazing thing the Wurm playerbase is (usual % of plonkers aside ofc). You will notice all the links are to forum threads – that is, anyone looking will find themselves in the actual Wurm Forums where  they can poke about. That was deliberate.

By the way it would be good PR to sticky/collate all this stuff eh (and I know I have missed some which presumably a dedicated PR person could track down).

Wurm is also having a Q&A this afternoon, but you’ll have to negotiate IRC/email PR – well you read it what you need to do… (note had to go to Tumblr to access the information, why oh why isn’t it just on the bliddy front page of the website… what’s so hard?) – anyway should be interesting. Hope someone thinks to write up a transcript for those that can’t be there (and has anyone collated the questions that will be asked and put them on the forums??).  Some information on the Q & A here: http://wurmonline.tumblr.com/. Oh yay now I have been manoevred into publicising Tumblr (!!!!) There it is piggybacking on my interest in Wurm. I had no intention whatsoever of publicising Tumblr in this post but I don’t have time to figure out where the heck on the main site the information I want is tucked away.

Once you see how parasitic PR works you’re never fooled again. I’ll let it go this once, but really people… wise up sometime and keep additional avenues of publicity where they belong. Sidelined. Make the main site where it’s at! Get em there and tempt them to sign up! You want people on YOUR site, signing up to YOUR game, not on Tumblr signing up to Tumblr…. Oh  caps. I’m getting overexcited. If I currently had a snoring heap he would be looking worried. Heheh ok I’m off to start my day.

The Q&A happens today, so it’s on the Tumblr page for today.


“Well Martha, it says it’s undercover.”

(mature fat bison)

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