A Day with my blog II (things in general)

Getting hungry. Progeny might turn up later. I already roasted a pork with rosemary, but I’m out of garlic alas. This weekend we dine on cold cut-sandwiches (with good bread!) and the weirdstuff in the back of the freezer. Which needs emptying.

It’s freezing outside too where I was sorting plant-related clutter in the frost, I’ve had all I can stand for the noo,  and I’m warming my littel purple fingers by typing. Should have emptied the planters in summer but I completely forgot I had an outside to pack as well :). Must ask neighbour to look after the houseplants… I wish I had a real small garden attached to the earth. I have a lovely balcony instead though which looks out over the ancient city on one side, and over the vast blue-grey satin sheet that is the Forth on the other side. There is a gap of open sea whence lies Norway, but I can’t see it Norway. Can see just about everything else though. I’m good at predicting the weather (short-term only) – I just look out the window to where the wind is coming from and see what the clouds look like. Hahaha.

Not sure when this big shedding got a grip. I suspect my family believe I’m becoming feral (yep) – so that’s part of it. Then I also just got impatient with things/stuff/objects. I think better in a clear environment. There’s that. But I believe a lot was an inside shift, possibly an ageing change. Deck clearing. Squaring stuff away. Preparing. I don’t want to spend the next part of life caught in the past like a moth, or falling over things that are now irrelevant. What do I think about getting older? In a nutshell, I much prefer it. Most of life is sorted and that brings the kind of freedom you can only dream of when you’re younger. The white-heat stuff isn’t so important. No need to do the “look gals I caught one” thang  either- mind you I always did think women that did that kind of twee “I flap my eyebrows at My Hubby to get my way” chat were repulsive. Even when I was a wife. Snoring heaps are not too hard to find at this age too – they are more into my usefulness, money, nursing capability, performance as a domestic household appliance and my tv remote than my looks – but they aren’t frightfully attractive in their neediness either, I’m afraid. Heck I hardly even notice them, let alone consider sharing my life with one. Done all that and more 🙂 But one never knows with lerve so I’m not predicting anything (!) or declaring abstinence from the battlefield. Hahaha. Too much fun to be had yet. But it’s not awfully important. Nor is occupation. I don’t (thankfully) want to rule/impress the world or run anything huge. Erm.. running big things is tiresome. Big things in my life-style now  are all the other stuff I do – the rounding-out stuff – kids, house, interests, fun, laughing, cooking,  – living ! The younger-person urgencies don’t feature, and I don’t miss them.

Next up… food and paperwork…I bet I rant about the paperwork :). No, nearly 10 a.m. Got to communicate with variouspeople on various subjects. Phone ‘n email ho. Then paperwork.

Edit: just had a quick look at the Wurm forums – only raging debate  is about the new fence graphics. So quiet, so normal.. it’s … creepy! Only a few more days til 1.00 and  – fence skins  is the hot topic? heheheh what an odd game.

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2 thoughts on “A Day with my blog II (things in general)

  1. I love that you refer to us male sorts as, “snoring heaps”. I chortle each time I hear that.

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