A day with my blog (things in general)

As I remarked below, it’s good I write about a lot of things. I should write about more different things (and I know my categories need sorting out. First I want to find an easy way to backup blogposts to plaintext without using MSOffice. I lost the stupid code that came with my bundled version of Word way back when I bought this laptop and cannot spare the time to be seriously looking for it just now. Will try out various XML extractors hehe) Um back on thought-thread… Then people that like the things I like, like not “like” I mean,  can look at other stuff I like. And this is good because there’s really a lot going on in my life, and I have quite a lot of things I want to write. About. Hm – not a very neat segue. But anyway.

Affecting this blog will be Internetlessness! Yes, with all that’s going on, the one thing I’m dreading is not homelessness, drought, Rinderpest, tornadoes or roving bands of hoodies, it’s being without the Internet. And anyway I wear a hoodie. Dan at Gamedev Gone Rogue http://gamedevgonerogue.blogspot.co.uk/ (why is that not on my Blogroll ????)(Oooo so sorry, that should be there. I will deal with it at once.) recommends letting readers know this kind of thing might happen, so I’m taking his advice and putting a warning.

Later this month I will move out of my home so that builders can move in in early January – yep, right bang during the Festive Season. Ho ho ho. I don’t mind where I go, will let you know once I find out. Someone else is arranging that part.  – but I’ll be disconnected for sure. Being a woman, anything I say gets an automatic 20% credibility deducted. Being an older woman deducts a wopping 40% more (plus statutory invisibility). So the chances are my tiny squeaks of distress will be heard as “blablabla”  and as usual I will have to (mostly) see to my own interests. That is why I am so tough. Hmm. Well, that and too much of a “interesting” life. Mind you almost all people my age (50s) have been through nasty nasty stuff somewhere along. So maybe you get some posts from some nice Internet Cafe I find eheh.

It’s a good day to be home doing almost-final packing. I can keep an eye on Wurm for ya and catch up on some posts I’ve been meaning to write during countless (hehehehe!) tea, pizza and anything-else-I-can-think-of breaks (packing is now v. borung). Wonder how many (created as opposed to copytyped) words I average in 15 mins… (398 here)… anyway back to work. Emptying the earth out of plant pots so I can throoooooow them away apart from the big clay ones I made myself which I need to somehow get to another area of the building. Cue big backpain later :(. Hmm maybe I leave them and ask the builders nicely to move them.

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