A day with my blog IV (winding down)

(yawn!) Well, think I covered everything I wanted to write here today – my pending internetlessness, this being the endtime of the great 2012 declutter, ageing, keeping an eye on Wurm (at this momentous time), plants… I did go out, it was lovely – the sun just setting on the hills all goldy-green where it touched, zinging colour against a pale sky. Now back, and sleepy with the warmth, going to curl up with a book I think. Historical novel. I never used to read those, now I do. They are interesting, after all my previous resistance to them, when well-researched. And pleasantly not-this-worldy, if that makes sense.

I enjoyed rambling here as I worked on the packing, but I more expected some subject to take a hold and to go off on a thought tangent somewhere along the line. It never happened – which might be a good thing, it can get a little strange in my head. Never know where tangents will lead! I more just pinned down some loose notions that had been rattling about.

Thanks if you read!

And sleep well yourselves

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