A day with my blog III (Wurm Q&A)

is still going on. Hmmm. Apparently you will be able to take your Epic (PvP) alt across with ingame silver, (skills reset).
Existing PVE players and new PVE players will have to buy premium, deed forms, trader and merchant forms with real cash. Oh and if you get bored you can portal to…. yes, Epic.

Edit: removed some growlystuff for turning out to be irrelevant – apparently there is some elaborate workaround for existing freedom players to move ingame silver too. But I stand by:

Aw I was looking forward to everyone being at the same fresh noob level!

Even if Freedom Players get the same ability to take money, it advantages older players and I don’t feel that’s going to be as much fun as all of us in the same predicament, although some would know better how to go about things – that would be raw !!

Otherwise, well its another small server, multistorey still looks interesting, but I think he’s going to nerf his original generosity regarding how skilled you need to be to build 41 storeys high. Armour shows as different types, so you can customise to the extent of what it’s made of – ie wooden armour will look different than cotton, but not dyeing… I kinda lost interest now (uyes I know no wooden armour).

Off outside now for some fresh air and a slide on the ice. Big world out there u know, and pretty right now, but cold. Lot of things out there!

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