Wurm 1.0 on the 12th

If you’re wondering why I haven’t said anything about this rather large landmark, well I expected more to be going on that I could write about.

It’s pretty quiet really I get the feeling the playerbase (unsurprisingly) is in an excitable and volatile state but that’s just a hunch. Mostly the excitable ones are just gumming on cadavers (old feuds, some post in woodscraps thats not gonnae stay dead because err…. guys…. they’re gouging for still more publicity for their game than you already gave them, stop feeding the fire?). When I play I keep getting the feeling I should be barricaded in somewhere or ducking though that might just be the time of year. If January is for people pestering you, and mid-year is for the annual financial upset, this pre-Christmas time is definitely for temper-tantrums and not a lot of reason. Heh time at Xalorum’s deed coming up methinks, sanity and sanctuary rolled into one!

There have been a few mentions that 1.0 is going to happen in the gaming press, but very small and factual. Hope our public relations makes a meal of the launch – it’s their chance to shine, really, new tho’ they be (oops just realised, uhm,  pushing/publicising Facebook and Twitter via official Wurm events isn’t what I mean by “PR making a meal of the launch”.  I don’t mind anyone who uses these, really I don’t, but I’m not happy with ’em myself and using other people’s efforts to spread themselves like parasites is one of the reasons why.  It skews things for their host too. Suddenly they are all over the host company, on the front page, in the forums, in short getting a ton of extra visibility if not actual new customers.

Am I right they even have a say in how the feeds are displayed now – or was that squashed? Then there’s the data gathering, and last but not least that business of privacy. How on earth did I get onto this boring subject. I better go eat.

Anyway I’d prefer to see Wurm itself publicised bigtime without some other company piggybacking.

Ah yes, I knew there was something = the new server. Hahaha! Nice. Everyone starts as a new person, no vet advantage. I think it’s a brilliant idea. Wurm absolutely shines as a survival game, no, it GLEAMS !! and this is a fabulous chance to experience that without the Big Piggies grabbing all the new stuff – so I’ll be there for certain. A poll suggests that most Wurm players are altruistically going to stay away from the new server since “it’s meant for new players”.  I’m wickedly wondering if this newfound altruism isn’t more to do with being too comfortable with  their (considerable) advantage. Sandbox creep is a terrible thing. Anyway, no well-stocked colony ships zooming around prospecting for prime land this time.

Landrushes are fun too though, hope they still happen now and again – glad to see something different but I do enjoy the buzz of a landrush.

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