In search of PlanetGardenShed

A thing unexpectedly fell into place, resolved and ceased to be such a huge drain on my time (well, while it evolves for now on someone else’s watch anyway – after that it will be back to me in another form for another while).

And a personage recently informed me that anything you do can be creative. So true. However I will not be spending my blessed, shiny, rescued hours arranging the potatoes in interesting patterns or pretending I’m happy doing some other endless repeating task, noes, I’m going for the motherlode!!!!

… mumble mumble…. woolly hat, thermos…. hamster…

for I need a planet to call my garden shed. Yes, TWoFB is off ice and moving forward for as long as this amazing windfall of time lasts. Don’t know if you read the Vague Plan, but it’s learning the tools where we’re at in the process.

I also intend to give the whole game project its own proper website at some later date (much later), where it can grow in a shape that suits. This blog is more my fun thing and things I’m interested in and that affect me get a mention (including the process of making a game), but I don’t sell anything here


Hmmmm Hmmm… dunno…nice though

Bananplt PlanetBanana!!!

Errr  oooh….errr, maybe not

Hmm Possibly….

My spaceship could do with some Zazz don’t you think?

Whatwhat What? What’s wrong with it? Tch….young people…. really….. grumble…..

MumIpod  Hehehe 🙂 Here’s the real one 🙂

But I still I need a nice flat place to build and store devjunk – and time is waning.

Here I think.

Well that’s it for now, out of time.

We’ll camp for tonight in the Mum I: Hobo Class, Series 1 and make for those hills I spotted some time soon. Someone unpack the lucky procedural cloud. We’re here.

(That was us practicing skydomes (Blender) and gradients (Gimp) with some uv mapping and (by meee) box modelling.)

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