WTB /apply spam timer

While I’m in a tetchy mood might as well bring this up. Kchat and Global I mostly keep turned off nowadays since every conversation is interrupted by the same small band of mutually adoring twits – not only Wuhtuhsuhs  and Wuhtuhbuhs do this, though that lot wreck interesting topics continually but there are just people who can’t stand anyone else chatting coherently. Or just have to see their name up there. If you /ignore, you make yourself ignorant to what is going on – don’t see why there is a right to spam-interrupt continually, but not a way to get them to bliddy shut up for ten minutes.

It’s not repeat messages I’m talking about so much, more just dominating chat with incessant yittering for the sake of looking prominent.

How great would it be to have an “/apply spam timer ” vote for this heftily annoying (socially inept!) quite small group of ego-bloats?  Not a mute, one of those vote things. If enough people “/apply spam timer”  you,  you have to wait a whole ten minutes (at least) between comments. Some people would probably explode from the tension of hauding their wheesht (being quiet) that long.  Hehehehehehe!


A woman can dream…

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