Wurm Rules and Pink Pearl…

If you aren’t aware of it there’s a situation at Pink Pearl here http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/68969-stolen-deed-pink-pearl-all-lost-shame/page__st__100

and I’m not going to colour it with my opi-onion because I prefer people who use their brainsssss. Don’t think I need to anyway, there is a large consensus of opinion about what happened here, and whether something should be done about it.

Outside the Wurm context do note though, that what has been taken has been bought and paid for. (edit : later information indicated that the trader was not bought and gave us some other details. But it might easily have been, finding one isn’t that common.) A trader costs £50 euros and I’m not sure how much was paid into the deed for setup and upkeep on top of that. Much of the playerbase seems to be unaware that on the PvE (non-theft) servers this particular scenario can happen. That is because the other (PvE) server rules overwhelmingly reinforce the opposite i.e. that your bought property is inviolate (except to decay).

Loss of real money due to an obscure game rule which furthermore goes against the ethos of the server needs sharp attention because it means that this event also exists in a wider context than the game. Since ingame silver is exchangeable/sellable for euros, taking a trader equates to taking real money. And game-legal is a thin defence if people are not aware it can happen and thus are not fully consensual.

And it’s nice to see the community in action and with brains fully engaged what’s more. I recently felt that comforting weight of commonsense and fairness myself and that’s why I’m adding my voice to the call to change the rule and undo the damage.  Giving something back eh. (I don’t know or know of the OP incidentally but this is something that transcends personal rep).

It’s all being chewed over very thoroughly, and nobody is daring to be a much of a knee-jerk (as in it’s the victim who done it!),

Wurm players are superb!!

Update: A few more details and some shades of grey have been told to the playerbase – like most of these disputes extra parts are not known by us unless we are told. (Enki has added some details at the end of the post I linked).

But Wurm players are too smart to get thrown off the scent so easily. A locked thread and some extra circumstances doesn’t change the issue. It’s not only about Rocky or Pink Pearl – its about all the players and what owning a deed means. There is no setting that would ensure you keep your deed safe from being voted out as mayor – the only option is not to invite too many people – or any at all. It’s a good debate! Lovely to see an incident spark people off  – be nice if some other clunky and abusable rules were looked into sometime too.

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