Might as well go on a health drive

don’t worry I won’t bore you with the dtails. Might as well though – and an economy drive… and…generally take advantage of things being in a state of flux. I mean if I have to be at the centre of a vortex of deconstruction I might as well brandish a hammer and get some fun out of life’s little pineapples.

I’m trying to think if this is a good frame for a life-experiment. I’m quite fond of those. They need not-ordinary circumstances, so it might be. My last one which I think I should review now was not reading the newspaper, listening to the radio or watching tv. I relied on the internet to keep current and talked to real people for local daily information. It was a good experiment with very useful results.

On re-emerging into the passive zone I find I didn’t miss anything over the past 9 months. Some Tory is still trying to turn us into a cheap workforce and food and fuel prices have gone up. I’m glad I didn’t bother with any of it since I have the same outcome as everyone else minus the daily media-induced angst. In fact I’m so pleased with it that I’m going to keep elements of it. I can’t say the same for that time I didn’t bath for quite a while.

Next I’m toying with the idea of turning off the electricity for n hours a day and see what happens. One hour initially say. Our fuel is rising by 11% I read (per this quarter!) so in fact 2.5 hours without would make a nice statement. Is it even possible to do this? I need to defrost the freezer is the only problem I can think of (cue very weird toasties for a month or two). I’m not obsessive about led timers – the houseclocks all read differently already, so that’s not going to bug me. And outside is colder than a fridge when winter sets in, so that’s that covered. Heating, well, insulation (eg wear a blanket) plus one hot water bottle should see a person through 3-4 hours assuming I’m inactive and indoors. Might come up with some unusual garb hehehe! We have gas too, but I don’t fancy fiddling with the pilot light, so just will pledge not to use it to run heaters or warm up water. Good thing to have some form of energy available, in case it’s really really needed so I’m comfortable with leaving that alone. Anyway not sure I’ll do it – might come up with something more interesting.

Might construct a whole lifestyle around boxes.

I’m home and have some free time. Better go and pack another box then. (I think I’m cracking up though – not being creative ever, day after day is doing my head in. Thank goodness for this blog.)

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