Don’t sit on your assets!

Couldn’t resist 🙂

I am watching the sale of assets from 38 studios with interest. The context I find interesting though, is how much assets are worth today, even new, when a game folds. Not much it turns out. (The IP of course is going to be worth something).  And this is interesting to me because:

Well… really… if your game is going to fold you would do better to preserve it for posterity or allow it’s players to keep it going somehow, I still think. Goodwill is worth hard cash, and the assets are worth very little. Generally it looks like they are a total loss when set against what it cost to produce them – let me know if you know otherwise. It is deeply unprofitable to hang on to some things  like a Scrooge.

Ryzom gets interesting in this context too. I wrote yesterday about Blender feeling “live” (like an electricity cable) – I think if people get interested Ryzom could hook into that. I messed around a little with their source when it was released and I think people are still doing that somewhere in the background. It’s not what we need ourselves, so I let it go. But that could become something if they can solve one big problem – communication. The forums for development of the source  are dense and thickety. (One enquiry I made resulted in a reply from a dodgy underpants site.). There are a lot of cries in the darkess. Documentation is very basic too and contains omissions and gaps and non-explanations.

Which is all fine and not unlike a lot of other devstuff on the web – but it won’t produce that “it’s alive and I’m part of it” feeling.

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