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Dear reader I don’t think there is a single area of my life which is now not thoroughly pulled apart! (I will continue to blog, though it may only be a scribble here and there). Most recent casualty is the laptop which I think is entering the twilight zone after 7 years of loyal service. That makes me really sad. I get fond of my things… well so much is going gaga just now. Life is funny that way. Never just one thing eh.

Anyway she’ll be adventuring ’til the last gasp of the hdd. It’s a bit of a blether but here’s why and how…

I was having some trouble ‘saving as’ in Word. Then it happened in Blender too and in Gimp, so I went on the hunt and I was not teddibly surprised to discover that my Vista installation is now… err… well there are some errors. I’m sure the WoW crash of 5.0.4 didn’t help a lot either hehehe. This poor machine. Well I thought that was probably it until I hit google and a very interesting thing is to be found. Lot of ‘save as crash 2012’ annoyance actually. All sorts of applications. And much of it in Windows 7 (which is based on a Vista core if I am not mistaken, and thar’s the link.)

Well after a solid 8 hours of fixing Vista so it runs I’m pretty fed up. And once I get enough saved for a new laptop (Asus here I come), this one will be devoted to exploring Linux until the hardware keels over – not a bad way to end its days.

What feds me up is I hate built-in obsolescence because it is wasteful and exploitative and shows a blanket disrespect for people, their time, their money and their environment. That applies to hardware and software as much as to washing machines and cars. Yuk to it. I upgrade when I see something I like more – not because the thing I bought has an artificially short lifespan. Vista though not great has done well in lasting me 7 years but even lip service to supporting it ceased ages ago and nobody is surprised because we all swallow the ” you must upgrade gimme more money” scam in so many areas of life.

However, I want a live and adaptable Operating System to work within I think. Windows is only ok if you hamsterwheel-upgrade when they say and how they say. Actually… even then its pretty bloated and support beyond launch hype quickly becomes sketchy. That sense of liveness is why I am tending to use Blender’s Game Engine even though it seems to be something of a red-headed-stepchild when it comes to new shiny developments within Blender. Gimp feels alive too. I think it’s a common theme in all the software I use and enjoy. Even Wurmonline has that feeling that the people who make it care about it and are working on it.

I hope my poor laptop will last a little longer. I owe it a lot for the way it has expanded my life. Much more than any desktop ever did. It’s not mobile – I can get an android for that. It’s portable. It’s the whole shebang, bells and whistles, portable – and that ability to move the complete system to wherever it needs to go has been the big deal.

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