Dan over at Game Dev Gone Rogue has a (flash) game, NEOScavenger, included in Groupees current featured bundle “Be Mine Five” which is doing quite well. I love Dan’s blog. So I paid a bit (amount above one dollar is up to you) and got it. And now… well this is my game for when I have a little time.

About to die for the nth time

It’s a survival game and its hard (or I’m soft, take your pick) And I keep firing it up to try again!

I only got it an hour ago so I’m not going to comment about depthy things. To me all that matters is that I keep wanting to play it. Marverllus! I very much like the gameplay and ideas – and the descriptions.

Oops forgot – link to Groupees (which is quite an interesting thing itself)

and link to the blog (its on my blogroll too)

Play again? Yep.

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