Some changes, this blog

Due to life being what it is, alas my time and energy will all and completely belong to other people for the forseeable future, it’s just how it worked out. Anyway, another thing I can foresee is that I’ll be wanting to rant quite often – its a certainty, so I’ll still be blogging – with even fewer pictures.

Work on TWoFB will have to cease miracles apart, and what gaming I can indulge in will have to be in minute, scattered, snatched moments. It will have to be very balanced. I prefer being called a balanced player tyvm. Nothing casual about anything I do.

It’s all very disappointing and sad to have to scrap plans for our game project rather than hit our heads on a brick wall, but that’s how the potatoes have fallen and not a thing I can do about it. I can manage everything that needs doing on it, but I cannot manufacture time. Other people might be able to spare some here and there, we’ll have to see.

I’ll change the blog to adapt to new circumstances no doubt. Anyway, and this will happen often, that’s my bleat for today.

I must be off and do something unimaginably boring for hours and hours followed by more tedious, physically tiring stuff in what spare time remains – this is pretty normal really,  only sometimes theres more of it.

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