Killing off the siblings (CoH, SWG, (…WoW?, EQ2?))

With the appearance of SWTOR, reason was found to kill SWG – with the launch of GW2, there goes CoH.

As previously remarked, NCSoft is on a winner with GW2 if they keep a good and pleasing reputation as a company. Closing down CoH strikes me as a bad move and they’d do well to back away from it. But we’re still in the beginning part of new things for MMOBusinessModels so I’m not surprised to see this antiquated way of doing things still around. If profits are there, but not as high as you’d like, it’s sometimes worthwhile to leave things be rather than antagonise potential customers for the new baby…errr game. People are more likely to shift to the new product from desire, because it looks so wonderful, because the grass is greener than they ever are from being contemptuously turfed out of their old virtual home. The days of no alternative places to go are pretty much over, and oh how I wish that particular penny would drop!

Games don’t so much have a lifespan, as that the people that make and run them want rid. Non rocket-science suggests that a simple lease would be in order. If we ever launch, and it runs for a while, even if it is a huge a success, I doubt we would wanting a lifetime commitment to whatever we created.

And therein would  lie its “lifespan”, if the only alternative was to close the game. But it isn’t.

Just for example we could keep creative control and all other decision making (including payment model), copyright, assets and a portion of the profits – while leasing the running to whatever group felt passionately enough about keeping the thing going and giving them also a portion of the profits. The fans get to keep playing, and money in their pockets – we have the lesser work burden (compared to previously) of still overseeing things, and are recompensed for that. That’s just one way of doing it. If I can pull that out of the air in less than five minutes, I don’t see that greater brains can’t come up with a million other ways of keeping their loyal customers happy when they feel it’s time to say goodbye to a game.

Be interesting to see how long this practice persists. What will be given the chop when Titan arrives, or EQNext eh?

That planet down there below this post looks pretty scary. Good.

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