CRZ blues

I nearly called this “falling in love again”, but things have gang agley. WoW is my old slipper comfy game. I know there’s a ton wrong with it, but it was my first MMO, I know it pretty well and sometimes I just like playing it. So I keep a sub going, and drop in now and again. With current UI overload going on as we learn new software and play a whole load of new games including GW2 (!) (but not only GW2), I headed to WoW for some ui I actually know and to see about the patch before Pandaria. Kind of wish I hadn’t, kind of glad I did. Mah warlock is a lot more fun, that’s for sure.

But that’s not the good news. An option to run WoW using DirectX9 has appeared, and if I do, I can run everything in ultra with no lag or drop in fps. On this thing. In other words at this late date it runs the way it should have been running for the last 5/6 years.

So… I’m seeing it differently, and I find that very enjoyable indeed.


It doesn’t run half badly under DirectX11 either. I only tried dx9 out of curiosity. So why, why now, did they finally shift their behinds and optimise it properly?

Well … now the bad news. It all works beautifully until the CRZ kicks in – then fps yoyos and performance goes to pot. Sometimes it settles down, sometimes not. So WoW play is actually bursts of sight-seeing, haha. Ok, fair enough, I’m enjoying the sights, and the newness of the new stuff… ehm. New spells, different talents. It’s playable and sometimes spectacularly playable. Maybe the tweaking was done for the CRZ to work eh.

CRZ itself is absolutely horrid. Like expac launch day every day, only worse. Questing is hard-going due to the everpresent anti-social element of the lovely WoW players. There are a lot of those and they amuse themselves by snatching nodes, killing questgivers, denuding zones of spawns needed to complete quests, indulging in barrens style spam, ganking if on a pvp server, whatever else they can think of. Players from other realms flood in or you join them on their realm, and we’re all heavily competing, which some bonehead dev thinktank thinks is great fun. Judging by the behemoth threads on both US and EU forums the playerbase does not think it is great fun. I do not find it fun either. I find the deliberate griefing just jolly annoying tyvm and log out. So, increased performance or no, we will not be buying the expansion. Nor, I think, after this current bout of play, keeping any sub going. We want to hop about a bit with the new stuff, but that’s about it really. Maybe get some pets or mounts. Nooooo inclination to stay and support guilds/raid/socialise/progress. Might buy Pandaria if it ever goes cheap, but equally might not bother.

Then the worse news – when I first loaded the patch 5.0.4 it crashed my computer, but I rebooted, and all has been ok since then, so I kind of forgot about that. Then the second laptop also crashed. In fairness it has to be said that our chips are no longer supported, so I’m not off to Blizz HQ with a pickaxe. But still, bit of a shocker when the second lappy, the newer one, had to go through a destructive recovery. Machine is not much more than 2 years old, needless to say I take a dim view of it now being unsupported for WoW. However, Intel could do a sight more to keep their drivers up to speed. Nobody really to blame, just the current sell-it-and-run business mentality we are saddled with. Once we upgrade I will probably have a go at driver modding on this machine(for my own personal use only), if I have the time. I like my laptop. We still have plenty to play though before that time.

GW2 (yay) runs on the newer machine, not on my old one – or… it runs on this, but too irritating to play. So. Amg. I would be playing something current now if I had the time. Hoping to snatch a few hours on the not-so-old lappy tomorrow to give it a whirl, the younger people say its wonderful. Our machines work very hard in here, all of them – like the people do.

Mists of Pandaria launches tonight – it feels strange not to be there for an expansion, but I’m not tempted I’m afraid. Sightseeing is ok, but it’s not gaming. wading through glutinous masses of idiots to complete a quest or farm a node is not enticing and doesn’t make me feel as if I’m part of anything I want to be part of. There are now better games to play. Oh and Torchlight 2 runs fine – think I had to reduce all of 2 settings.

Afterthought: I suppose I could hop on my hitherto unfashionable 85 bm hunter and do some griefing of my own ….

…. hmm ….                            …     nah.  Yawbbn.

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