All the best to those trying to save CoH

Really sad to see a game go… dunno… there’s more to it somehow than just a frill being clipped from life.  There is a petition here:

This isn’t the first time… I really hate how games end. I don’t think they belong in the “meh not profitable enough bucket of dooooom” – never to be seen again.

Firstly I feel that way because they are artefacts – someone later on is going to even call them Art and write academic papers on them. They should be kept in some form for future generations on that basis alone. (And also for future generations to try out and possibly laugh at :))

Secondly, and far more deeply I feel that way because I think that players are owed some control over what happens when the profit is deemed too small and the owners want rid. It reminds me very much of some harsh adult breaking a child’s toy irreperably when this happens – hey ok I know that’s over the top and we aren’t little kids – but that’s what springs to mind. Owed? Yes, I think so. Bottom line, all we have in this world is the time we spend in it. So giving someone or something your time, is no small thing.

Surely there is some way, some formal way, to hand over to the players who lived there, sometimes for years, who fought, strove, interacted, added their thoughts, battled, enjoyed – cared!!!!

I never played CoH (or Galaxies) but I’m still going to miss them.

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