Really Nice News from the Siege

I really must thank my Wurm readers – I mean, I know you don’t say a lot (lololol)(probably terrified by now) – but you know, I see the numbers there regularly, whenever I do a new post… you’re there. It’s very soothing that kind of consistency and loyalty you know. Anyway. I have no nasty things sitting upon me today at all.  In fact

people talked to me in local! Normally – about fish! and things! just casually, like…normal. Normal is goooooood.
Phew, thanks is all I can say.

It’s just a wild guess, but I think there’s a link … blog… readers… not so isolated now … hehehehe  🙂

Someone helped me out with some meats – I’m of the “people can use there templars as they wish because they paid for that control” line, although I personally don’t like them and don’t have one. I do have them on neighbour deeds close to me though so breakfast doesn’t obligingly wander in anymore. Or lunch.  I’ll need to get in the habit of hunting regularly – somewhere it won’t bother anyone. But I’d forgotten to hunt with all the doings, so was down to roach and lingonberry casserole.. you know how it is.

Give it a month or two and lovely laggy guard towers will pop up too. Am I the only person they lag out? I never saw anyone complain about it. Well.. that’s another reason for the biggish deed – hopefully when someone who I am sure loves new players tons and tons plonks one down, I will be still be able to function on some parts of the deed.

So I think it was really nice to get some meats. I needed them. I was faint from tree-hugging and hunger…

and then

people are finding more little stockpiles of dirts for me too 🙂 I’d love to say we smuggled them in through the barricade but nah – it’s not that siegie really:) I am happy as anything up to my neck for the time being in dirts! Do not wtb dirts just for the time being! My dredge is made too, so I should be able to get some that way as well.

It looks like I’ll have my tree farm! Oh that’s nice.

See when the day is done, and I’ve dealt with the usual mix of people nice and not, and offices, supermarkets and roads, and factories and haulage and get home and ahhh I can escape to Wurm – well I can, but all the things I’ve just been dealing with are on Wurm too, so I just want an area where I can look at trees. That’s what I want. I’m happy for everyone else to do big doings and enjoy, and be sandboxy but I want a quiet unindustried, unsuburbed place. With trees!

And I stick a blade of woad in my mouth, imagine a funny hat, go sit next to a tree and maybe fish 🙂 In my own little boondocks which I more or less have to make for myself because the rest of the game does seem to be trying to “progress” to a simalcrum of what I play to get a break from. There isn’t that much wilderness – 20 mins at the most before you’re in another suburb but I can make my own portion of just plain Bit o’Wurm with trees and not a lot else that people can meander onto and think its boring – I’m allowed to do that! Yay!

I think I said “normal” and “trees” and “nice” enough hehe. But I can afford to say “thank you” again 🙂

Happy Av (gotta cold shnurrrfff)

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