News from the Siege (Wurm Online)

I still hate it very much that, metaphorically, while I’m quietly and enjoyably building my sandcastle in the sandbox, some abysmal pratt tells a minion to wee on me. However the news from the deed:

is wonderful – nothing is happening. And I won’t be making any fusses unless something does. I am hoping that having people aware is just all that’s needed. And aware they are – umm the Serious Wurm post hits actually exceeded the one from when I was foolish enough to put a Diablo error code in the title – meh, those guys didn’t stay :). It’s fast approaching 100 hits (92 as I write – oh wait that’s today so far –  Plus the day before and before errr   ug do I have to add? no I dont. It’s a lot.) and someone’s put it on Facebook  – thanks all watching people. Whatever you think! I like people who think! (in before someone mentions the stream – no its this one post Serious Stuff (I still havent figured out how to link my own posts)  – the Guides are at 5/6 views each)

So instead here’s a pretty picture of the deed I don’t want to give up then. It still has some way to go, but you can kind of see where it is headed I hope, and yes, it’s big and extends past the other side of the building. I’m not some minor blip. I don’t use templars but will be putting a safe shack in. Not sure animals will ever actually spawn there but the odd few might manage to make it past the neighbour’s spooks.

Big but not massive. I deeded what I needed. Glad I did! I’m hemmed in 🙂

I did lose one friend. Well, not someone I’ve known long, so not that kind of friend. They were trying to be kind and considerate but were put in suuuuch an awkard position. At least this way that’s not going to ever happen again. I’m really sorry they were drawn in and I think it was right pants for someone to use them that way. Which doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible for their own decisions – or that I’m happy about it, think it was a good thing or approve nor does it create oceans of respect, but yeah, I do understand.

Well, next time they might even believe  I told them to (??…wut…?????, orly.) do something even worse to me! It’s probably all for the best – by the time I’m being told I’m the bully of me we can safely say there’s not going to be any friendship. Actually what he did wasn’t very friendly already – but I’m giving a big blob of tolerance – it was tough for him. Glad he has no further involvement.

No further involvement  – gawd I say that – but some people find an excuse to leap right back in, I’ve seen it happen – perish the thought – do me big favour – nevermind helping me – stay out of it and be safe!

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