News from the Siege (Wurm Online)

I do feel better having blogged about that. I was reluctant to  …I’m not immune to the mechanics I described.

I’m hoping that with so many people watching, things will go quiet now. Hopefully I can go about my business without interference, except of course I need to work around the thing that happened on Monday which means I’ll have to arrange a Magrannon altar and a priest to bless it so that I can pray easily – on my own deed. Things that others in the area can do easily will cost me time and silver. It’s ok – I can deal with it.

I haven’t put specifics about Monday’s events – I really would prefer that I am just left to carry on enjoying my deed in peace and who knows, maybe more people will talk to me, say hi, behave normally as time goes on.

But if things escalate, if there are more such events or anything near, I will describe it all, this time in detail. Some external scrutiny will do no harm – after all everyone involved is totally proud of what they did and won’t mind it being known about – right?

If you read yesterday’s post below you will know why I don’t feel the slightest obligation, at all, to not describe events (from my perspective of course)  in an open format (unlike Alliance chat) where people can view for themselves and comment. I’m holding off in the hopes things settle.

Thanks Xalorum for your offer there – that was really nice, and just for saying what you did. You’re right, a break is needed (quite often) from what’s going on. Here is my home deed on Independence – I have lived there quite a long time, it’s quiet, not many of us live where I am. I have lovely neighbours and am treated with respect and affection there. Nobody slavers over my deed borders, nobody accuses me of stuff in a place where I cannot even see what they are saying, or defend myself. (I am expected to be absent and unable to defend myself while I am accused and judged – of course).  So I do have a sanctuary, lucky for me.

All is well

I haven’t logged into the besieged deed today – umm  – it’s not very attractive to do so – but once I’m there and at the forge it will be ok. Maybe later. Last night I managed to get some dirt I had bought to Besieged Deed for my tree farm, with the help of two friends and events watched over by the third friend too. To my relief I was not kos anywhere, or anything daft, but it was nerve-racking to leave my deed and set foot on Alliance territory to shorten a hauling journey – just in case I heard the dreaded “The Horn sounds….”

I can see that I’m not going to travel much unless I really have to, even if, as I hope,  things go quiet and incoming hostilities cease. Good thing I’m ok with staying home then, isn’t it. WTB dirts by the way hehehe 🙂 1s 25c per k delivered to coastal deed, Celebration, PM here. Is that a fair price?

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