Back in Harness

yep hols gone now – its been a busy old few weeks for me and I’ve missed blogging. I was rested and refreshed though, and have been attacking things like an attacking thing does. It’s been good! I’m still filled with energy fizz and (mostly) joy. Today I have half an hour (woo) to scribble something.

To my lovely loyal Wurmy followers: I have been setting things up for the next part of the Begunner’s Guide – thanks so much for reading here – I look on the stats and see you all, a  hardy lot. Once I’ve done that, I fancy doing something less structured about Wurm, no idea what. Right now a diatribe on the unpleasant habits of the local “I am” is tempting but meh, who cares really. Maybe when I write about setting up a deed I’ll mention the dangers of local despots or… dunno the bullying mechanism in general… can’t say I find the subject all that appealing now I’m considering writing about it but sort of feel a duty to say something useful (filing that away for later)(or maybe should get it done while its still hot)(indecision strikes). To the lone South African Wurm reader – err “Simba Chips!”

I know!  I should read that to-do list I posted here so I wouldn’t lose it. Hmmm – not in half an hour any of that :). Fruit Salad is due of course, no GW2 from me – laptop, might not run, etc – not at today’s price anyway. So yes, Fruit Salad must do and Begunner’s Guide.

Little blob of write on subject of button overload – I have it bigtime. We are learning all this new stuff and – I learn how to use the ui to do something graphically pleasing (to me), five minutes later brain is a complete blank. I think I am trying to squeeze too much in my brain. Or something. Just every day another 500 new commands, shortcuts, buttons…., its heaven in one way (I do enjoy) but.. is there some kind of “full” in my head?

Luckily there still seems to be room for plenty of daftness and that. Wait. Brain just went blank again.

And why has the font on this WordPress theme gone revolting? Was it always like this? eeew

Add “try new theme” to that list.

What a lot of wittering I just wrote – sorry 🙂

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