Archeage earlier than we think?

Just a stray thought… there’s a lot of big dynamite going off this year (game-launch-wise) I mean – soz, I’m tired), leaving something of a clear field for 2013. I’m wondering who has the nous (and is in a position) to take advantage. I for one, will be watching beta frequencies to see if I can spot any big  title that might jump out at us in 2013, and looking for any other signs and portents.  EQNext? Possible you know, Sony do shift themselves on the development side, when they want to, and better than having a beta (!),  some odd things have been popping up in EQ2, there’s no understatement. Those could be tryouts. Archeage is in a good place to make a splash in the West … amg maybe even Titan!!

(I must get to bed and stop blogging). Things are changing hugely in the mmo world, subscriptions are no longer de rigeur (1),  resistance to endgame treadmills is on the rise (2) and I have a post half-prepared for the third horrible truth but you’ll have to wait bercause I really am dropping, and it will make even less sense if I embark now.

oh yeah point I was trying to get to. It would make sense to me to ship early on anything that still relies on the old way of doing things. Get rid and clear the decks for whatever strategy appears to be working by next year be it B2p, f2p or any variant; be it lateral content – there will be some indication of what is successful, and it takes so long to make a big game that old projects are going to be a liability. I also think that some of the layoffs and closures we’re seeing are not all due to total fail  (I hope so anyway). Small companies can change direction a lot more quickly than the behemoths and we might just be seeing some stuff being ditched because smaller outfits know they’re on a loser with them and want a fresh start for that project new ideas.

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