Something nice

happened today. In Wurm Online Reflexx, friend and neighbour finished his second corbita – a feat I have yet to accomplish. Even if it’s not a first ship, there’s something special about this kind of thing in Wurm.  It was dark, nonetheless – screenshots!

Last peg is on and she tastes the water! (and turns into a ghost)(hehehehe)

Hours, days, weeks went into this. Not only the building, but the skills required to do the building – it’s special. That’s a corbita – I like the shape. Reflexx built his from oak, I am just guessing 🙂  – it’s too dark to be sure. Wurm nights are serious about being night…

Good thing we have moons

Gz Reflexx! and some extra xx’s, in case you run out and hugs as always 🙂

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