Did ya know about this cookie law thing?

I’m still not doing anything worky (that’s a tiny lie, but shhhh) so this post is mostly just a link with a bit of fluff coating it:

I didn’t know about this cookie law thing (EU).

Being suspicious, oldish, crabby, and vehemently disliking people/companies putting stuff on my computer without my permission I’ve always waged a feeble war against them (consisting mostly of checking anti-cookie boxes whenever I find them –  which appear to do nahthing). I don’t care to share Any information Actually, Tyvm, without explicitly agreeing. So I am very pleased that legislation is beginning to appear on this and some other issues too.

Anyway here’s the low-down on this EU cookie thing courtesy of Superuser blog, found via Stack Exchange.


(Other issues: I refer you to the worthy Stabs


for enlightened light and thought on an upcoming law which attempts to protect digital consumers a little.)


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