Endgames are doooooomed!

You’re right I’m having my very own silly season.

But I think I was right about subs (January post) and when GW2 would launch http://raging-monkeys.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/is-arenanet-suffering-from-blizzard.html#comment-form, so, you could take your chances.

People are far more resistant to treadmills nowadays and its endgames of the treadmill variety I’m referring to. Of course, many game companies (and games currently in production) will have already poured a lot of money and time into the endgame model so we’ll still see them being hyped in an effort not to make a financial loss – and I fully expect bribes after that. Anything you have to be bribed to do isn’t going to be fun, fun, fun (force grouping, force guilding – next, force endgaming?)

You can almost hear the rust falling off the cogwheels as they begin to grind into motion… if no endgame amg, what? what?

Ahh life is great!

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