Ten is a silly number

I favour twelve. Ah good that’s that little wrinkle sorted then. We can all grow a couple of extra toes. – See? No real problem with it now is there. Or eight if you want to be retro and pander to where computers went. Twelve is better though imo, more factors.

I now declare this house a base 12 zone, and more importantly all measurements will be in blocks of 12 units.

Edit : Rats, can only do eight or we’ll need to invent 2 new numbers (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, widgy, splob, ten), which will mean we are incomprehensible to the outside world. (Oh wait…)

Edit edit : OK base 8 then. But measure in 14’s – I like it, it’s like a hat at an angle.  No we don’t have to amputate any toes, we just now have (erm..)  12 of them and half of twelve is now 5. Ok?

And there are 30 hours in the day, 14 day and 14 night 🙂

much better.

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