Extremely late and happy June fruit salad

It’s the hols! No apols!

Anyway I’m out of my rut & having fun. Gaming still – of course. Now and again I played Sacrifice which you can dip into when you please, and it’s fun and it doesn’t hurt your brain too much. It’s one of those games where you work out your strategy and try to outmanoever the other person (or in my case the computer). I find it hard to stop playing:

Wurm Online continues to entertain since I’m building that new deed. I know full well once that’s over I’m overdue for one of my irritated with the maintenance phases. But having fun for now.

WordPress appears to be running very slow and having troubles with my screenie of Sacrifice – it may appear magically later? Who knows.

I also payed a visit back to EQ2 and went through the usual cycle – it’s such a great game. Always something new to discover. This time it was the mentoring system, which I didn’t know was there and that allowed me to actually get transmuting going. I had wondered how that worked. It’s also just fun to mentor down – when I first started playing (I realise) I missed a lot just because everything was so new and strange. The first months were spent more learning some of the game & I think I didn’t pay my usual attention to small things. Even so I remember being very impressed. So there’s that part of the cycle, then, over time, the ineptness of SOE makes itself felt and I feel uneasy, eventually unwilling to log in. Nothing in particular set me off this time, just… dunno… like something creepy is going on. I have learned to trust my instincts.

Someone called it Forsaken Underpants and when I find that again, I owe you a link. I don’t know why I like playing it, some things in life are just a mystery. My highest forty something alt isn’t going to get much further I don’t think. Forsaken World is impressively guild-strangled, forced grouping is… well you can’t any do instances at all without a group and half the systems lead nowhere. So progression in any sense is pretty much out of the window. I captured a nightmare and I was happy. At forty something the underwear problem isn’t so bad.

Since the Blizzard offering failed on the first steps – download, install, run (duh) – I tried Torchlight, and have had a wonderful time with it, I must say. Perfectly charming, replayable, enjoyable, fun game. I really do like it and anticipate many happy hours with it. Good stuff. Hope the next one is as good – having seen and played this I will be looking out for it.

I can’t remember anything else – must admit I’m not in the mood for anything even vaguely worky tonight, not even looking on the desktop to see what I forgot. I like the hols. I like people being allowed to relax for a change. It’s good for us. To continue that theme June’s fruit salad is late and… relaxed.

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