Games that run on this laptop (old Intel chipset)

Updated: am looking for the list I made of games I tried for “aahsum dev” purposes. So… the table isn’t complete yet. Amg I need sleep.

I’m not sure how to do this – would like something I can update regularly. A table or something… so… I’ll just fiddle with it. Scuse fiddling. As it happens my trusty machine is now (and only now!) on the list of Things To Replace But No Rush.

Although I love it muchly for freeing me from the malevolent mess of dust-gathering wires and grime that used to sit like a frog in the corner known as a desktop (keep yer ego-boosting piece a junk!)(now decluttered), the laptop is getting a little long in the tooth and might just keel over one day. It still works fine though. Games don’t decide when I upgrade. I do ! Anyway, it will be a while before I save up enough for the replacement, probably an Asus,  and meanwhile I thought it would be interesting to make a note of what runs and doesn’t. For other laptop owners, for older laptop owners, for people stuck with Intel graphics in a world where they are so oft scorned. Awwwww.

Take heart, the failures are few. Regarding newer games – they optimise them just fine when they need a broader sub base or get serious about the cash shop. Amazing isn’t it. Rift previously didn’t run at all.

See, bog standard:

Mobile Intel (R) 965 Express  Chipset Family.

In no particular order (what an ugly table – my Word skills are terrible). This isn’t a comprehensive list of all possible games, just a documentation of one person’s tryings out:

Runs well and looks good Game Comments
Startrek Online
Guild Wars 1
Treasure Adventure
Stranded 2
Creatures 1 and 2 Tx to Gog
Wurm Online Leaving this here but l have that flickering thing since that patch. Lowering settings makes it worse. Hopefully this will get fixed one day.
Populous  the Beginning Tx to Gog
Missing Ink
Champions Online
Sacrifice Tx to Gog
Uncharted Waters
Free Realms Cash shop front end. Of course it runs!
Puzzle Pirates
Only need slightly lower   settings
World of Warcraft Lower settings for raiding only
Forsaken World
EQ2 Lower settings sometimes in cities and odd places. Can lag one day and not at all another time, so probably not me.
Anarchy Online Actually… I’m not sure how this game is meant to look – maybe this   is it.
Runs well with low settings
Legends of Grimrock
Runs badly but runs
(playable though, all of these but you get tired of the sludge).
Rift  Previously didn’t run at all, but they optimised it some.
Fallen Earth
Might and Magic VII Not Gog’s finest redo.
“No Money From Me” prizes(don’t run at all) Not many here. Look at the company Blizzard keeps nowadays eh.
Diablo 3

 post doninarush – huggies – Av

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4 thoughts on “Games that run on this laptop (old Intel chipset)

  1. FoeCoe

    Thanks bro this really brighten up my day ^^ just traded my ps3 for this dell 1525 (dual 2.0ghz, 2gb ram) now im happy, ps. i can do some tests as well just email me

  2. Fizz

    League of legends, spore

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