The Annual Declutter

I’m in the process of decluttering anyway due to house renovations – deep, deep decluttering. Every single drawer, piece of paper. Hardcore decluttering !! (at about 75% for the measure-it people, and my skill is pretty good now). But the annual breaks we have around this time does mean more young, strong people about to shift large items to the skip/charity shop/recycling (etc). Thank heavens it is written into the laws of some countries that people are to be freed from the systems that feed off them for a set amount of paid time. How on earth did we manage to get something so sensible past the vested interests? It’s probably a leftover from some phase when society was a vehicle for the people within it – this notion waxes and wanes over the centuries.

Be that as it may, it’s my traditional time to roll up my sleeves, balefully glare at the irritants in my life, find a comfortable chair and go into a deep meditation (fall asleep). Once the edge is off the fatigue induced by a year’s worth of dealing with said irritants, its time to get to work on ’em.  I know I’m overripe for this. Patience is thin, and some things already got a (maybe overspeedy)(or maybe not)  heave-ho with little ado. This year, as said, household clutter is in-hand and not very irritating. I sit, and breathe and let things float up from whence they lurk, (you probably have a different way of locating the itches and annoyances), then – have at them with savage joy.

It’s not very structured that, I know, and I do avoid naval gazing (ahoy!) *navel. Like everyone I have a few personal habits that could use an overhaul, but I tend to use midyear for externals. Blaming yourself for everything is ok and that…. but the time is ripe to tackle the Pitas From Out There. Because all their systems are disrupted by the holidays  – and return damage is likely to be minimised. Luckily I’m not crippled by a need to be liked at all costs. Savage joy it is. Well now I think, there is a method in there. I never noticed before hehe – its like…

So… if I have let someone know that I don’t like what they are doing, and they keep doing it, or do it even more (these have control issues and … well its not a good sign),  I do get rid. Like one-pass paperwork – (action/file/ bin), this one is – communicate/make annoying action impossible/gain distance. Similar sequence really with the first possibility requiring the most angst and the last possibility being the most complete solution.

Needless to say, for a declutter I do both backwards, binning what paper I can first, and removing myself from annoying situations first, leaving things that must be salvaged for “filing if it’s paper or “block annoying thing from happening” for people and situations – and finally tackling any “do required action/communicate” stuff.

By now if I’m annoyed I’ve been communicating it more than adequately. I come across a lot of being ignored and then “oh you didn’t say.” I bliddy know what I said and by de-clutter time  it’s too late to discover what ears are for. By midyear its a case of move or block the action. So that’s people and situations. What a convoluted two paragraphs. You can tell this has not been the subject of naval action.

People and situations are hard to back away from – its not for the fainthearted. It’s advisable to make a clean break and for that you have to be sure (and preferably prepared) before you even turn towards the door. But sometimes things just aren’t making life a bright and happy place and aren’t going to change. And even though you express, in parting, how annoyed you are, and exactly why – very few people actually think “hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have done that then.” (Until they get the same info from several sources and on several occasions, that does work sometimes) .

I put move-from rather than evict – but sometimes you have to evict people too, I do know. Get distant from it, is the general idea. There will remain items, people and situations that require some planning and a long time to deal with, or which must simply be endured. But a lighter overall load makes even that easier.

Eeew. Worse than unblocking a sink. That all makes the house-stuff much more appealing doesn’t it 🙂 For objects and stuff I find de-cluttering addictive and invigorating. Guess I’m not a hoarder then. I think the more I mature the more “things” are just dead-weight – sometimes literally. This year there’s this table. It’s oldish and there is the usual minute chance it might be worth small money which means someone is about to have a lucky day. Or not. Might just be old tat. Thing is I don’t care enough to go through the contortions of finding out and the few pounds it might or might not possibly maybe be worth isn’t enough to earn it’s keep in here. It’s in the way, it’s ugly, I can’t vaccuum under it and it does not make my life a bright and happy place at all. And today I am going to throw the thing out.

Ohhhh the relief.

By next week I plan to be a very bright and happy Av indeed.

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