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If January is the time when people are running around chasing resolutions and plans and being perfect nuisances, June is the time when they need a break whether they know it or not. Things become stagnant, and to the disgust of employers and the government people go off and remember what life is about. Sort of. Try to, anyway. Nvm employers and govt, I’m sure Radio 4 is already looking hard for a national crisis to spook the pants off anyone that gets too comfy on a beach.

….Anyhooo – so, although Blender is a Rolls Royce, and great (asset-dev wise), and I’m in love with it, it’s June so I’m breaking out of my ruts to look around at the world. I had a look at Unity 3 free – and I think it will fit in nicely with our current state – not quite prototyping yet (though we are, sort of)  – just trying stuff out. The folder of ideas is bulging to the point where it cannot be described as slim. It is more like 2 or 3 boxfiles worth if you put it all together. We want to take some of those ideas out for a run.

That’s the Unity 3 free interface – simple compared to Blender’s really, and after a few dead ends and misadventures on google I learned enough to be able to put a game together in ohhh – an hour. Can do the same in Blender. Limited, little, tiny stuff because of the little time I spent. But it walks and talks so to speak and will do for spitting an idea into the wind of a Sunday morning. Fits a lacking spot in lovely lovely Blender very nicely, by being able to do a tad more than Blender’s Game Engine can, but a lot less than Blender’s graphics can. Another good ideas-vehicle.

In Other News the big proper main …Thingie project has a name now. It is now known as WoFB. Yes.
Obviously the “o” stands for “of”.                      …      🙂

Our brightest sparkliest ideas and assets I don’t won’t put here just yet, reserving the right to bang everyone over the head with them day before we launch, should that day ever arrive. One never knows when a supervillain might be about, snitching baby ideas to turn into click prisoners on mobile apps – boooooo! hissssss! he’s behind yooooo! I always check my fridge for supervillains before going to bed at night.

On the other hand there are some ideas I wouldn’t mind if people actually took and ran with, so those I’ll happily write about in the interests of the world being a better place. And some pictures is always nice, so probably post some pictures along the line, if I remember.

This so-called massive undertaking that’s impossible and shouldn’t even be tried by anyone as ordinary as me,  is actually quite good fun, mostly and absolutely definitely not all that hard. So far.

But it does look like I’ll need to delve into server/client architecture & networking, a subject I have studiously avoided all my life. I’m kind of hoping little pink clouds develop in interesting ways to deal with it all quietly for a small monthly fee or something. A propos of which and relating to several other paragraphs:  – welcome to my blogroll.

Networking is an area that has always left me annoyed and confused. But needs must. Anyway that’s all much later – moving on swiftly, to another subject: right now, looks like we can store some stuff on Dropbox, which is handy. Probably not art assets (too much)(wouldn’t want to anyway), but some boringstuff and admin etc. thats just taking up room on drives here and there. Haven’t done anything about a website for us apart from renting (if that’s the word) a cheap one in India. It’s too early really. I should be playing with it really. Ok I feel guilty now.

June’s fruit salad should be interesting. After the joys of Celebration opening, the chore burnout and creeping urbanisation and industrialisation of Wurm Online is getting to me again, so I’ve not been playing it so much, but find myself dabbling on the early levels of this and that. Will write. Oh here. Since I use this place as a handy place to store things, I did mean to put a blog todo list here where it’s convenient to have one:

NBI – no way could I visit all the new blogs (or even all the old ones), but some were more about what I’m about and I’ll put some bits about the wonderful ones I found amongst the list. Glad I missed the awardie thing, hits not me. Here’s to everyone who blogs for the sheer joy of it! Hip, hip, hooray! Clink. You get imaginary champagne from me and very fine it is too.
Blogroll – seriously needs redoing. Think I can have two or three but not figured out how.
Categories – after advising everyone to categorise their blogs, I find I have only done half of mine. Herrumph.
And do you know what? I’ve forgotten the rest of the list – which is why I need it
Carry on Wurm Online Begunners Guide, wrap up Deed in the Making.
Drawings of some game design generalities – Like Av’s Hierarchy of Exploitation (TM, copyright, mine – because it has no figures to back it up, it’s mine own pottiness. This did not spring from academia, reason or anything official but from cabbages, spiderwebs and washing up liquid.)
I might put more if I remember them at 4 a.m.
Back up blog so I don’t lose todo list.

OK well that’s about everything my tiny brain holds for the moment. Yay back to making up interesting textures.

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