Cutting down on the chores (Wurm Online)

O let me make this crystal clear:

We shouldn’t have to. It’s a game. Its purpose on this earth is to entertain.

We shouldn’t have to do these things to cut down chores: disband deeds that we find we don’t need because we have abandoned projects that we find we have no time for. We shouldn’t have to: log in with a groan because all that awaits that day is yet another maintenance round. We shouldn’t have to: fret about the olive season (NEW!) because we have lamps we would (gasp) like to keep lit. We shouldn’t have to: log in to groom a load of horses we don’t really want but its the only time efficient way to get good breeding stock and ah skills. We shouldn’t have to: stripe fields to cut down on farming time on fields that we have to grow to feed said horses. We shouldn’t do without mine doors because they fall off so often that keeping them on is like painting the Forth Bridge. The chore list and little ways to avoid them does go on from there – add your own!

I can’t help thinking that as a mechanism to keep people clicking…errr playing, adding empty chore upon empty chore is something of a fail. I get totally fed up on a regular basis and my knee-jerk response is to get rid of something, not become more involved. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed setting up my deed in Celebration, so income to Wurm from there. But in order to free the time up to do that I have discarded just about everything else. Even the skilling deed, I’m thinking now, can probably go at some point. One tiny deed, no guards, no barang? Not very profitable, but much more comfortable for me.

On a side note, health and safety. Repetitive strain injury, and carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis sufferers  – Wurm is not for you. Mind you, if you have a spider phobia, you’re more in luck. The phobia button – what a good idea that is. And I don’t know another game that has one. And now back to to the iron fence railings with my small wooden sign tied to my generic back:

Deeds themselves seem to be devalued now and again, which also makes them less tempting. Nobody can plunder your resources and the walls stay up. Other players cant steal your stuff but decay will and that –  is about it. When you realise this is actually a sub, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for there to be fewer and fewer benefits to paying to upkeep a deed.

Decay I’m pretty sure cranks up steadily (even if its my imagination, the effect is the same – I won’t pay for it when its this irritating –  won’t pay for time spent paddling to stand still, sorry, not going to happen.)  What needs to be addressed on that front is obviously a way to remove the constantly accumulating items from the game databases. And the obvious solution is to get people to remove their excess stuff themselves by making it attractive to do so, which really, honestly, truly shouldn’t be all that hard. Some small reward for trashing things in some form will increase the health and happiness of froobs looters and perimeter freeloaders no end and encourage deed owners to a less cluttered lifestyle. Have a special domestic mob for it even – a verminous one. A hell-rat. Eats anything and produces drake scale when killed (runnnnns for the hills as the drake armour dealers all pick up pitchforks – hahahaha – its like playing with scorpions)(ok enough fun).

To get a sub out of me I’m afraid nothing but decay immunity (total) ondeed will really hit the spot. And no I won’t be adding extra guards to do it either. A deed needs to have value in itself to be worth an ongoing and steady expenditure. Til the day, yep, small deeds, and few of them makes more sense for the playerbase. And roving premiums scouring the servers for stuff to take back to their unlit homes where it is stored rotting and being fixed unless sold,  to pile up serverload – that makes sense for players too. Deary me, what a future we are headed for as people opt out of the endless and increasing maintenance chores, eh.

Let the games begin!

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6 thoughts on “Cutting down on the chores (Wurm Online)

  1. Yea, I found the ‘chores’ to be quite annoying after a while. That said I did log over 400 hours of game time so I thoroughly enjoyed Wurm, but in the end I was simply logging in to maintain and in the end, as you said, that’s not that much fun.

  2. Heya Gankzes – yes, shame of it is theres no need. We’d keep clicking like fiends anyway! Plenty to do without the busywork. Errr that’s not quite your point, I know. Maintenance mode is a fitpall in most games I’ve played. (I’ve not done my 400 hours yet so I find enough lateral entertainment still.)

  3. Eep²

    I have played Wurm off-and-on for years and have left after several months each time because I finally got too fed up with the work (“Wurk” should be Wurm’s true name). Wurm was more tolerable with the addition of food and storage bins but the decay rate was still an annoyance overall. Basically, Wurm time just moves too damn fast (8x real-life) and the decay rate is seriously out-of-sync with it. (And even more seriously inconsistent depending on the item: how does a brass lantern crumble to dust in an avatar’s inventory in the span of a real-life month–in-game 8 months yet a healing cover barely decays at all in the same time??). Wurmlogic is just annoyingly stupid.

    Coupled with the horrible (and lack of many) animations, inept collision detection, numerous other bugs, and basically a 2-man development team (with lots of “volunteers”), Wurm will never be a successful mainstream game. I’m done with it.

    • avatarsofsteel

      That was heartfelt, thanks! – and I feel you put your finger right on the issues surrounding decay/play as well as some others in the game that really do need attention. I still think it’s Wurm is quite an achievement, and I like the general bonkersness of it, but that’s just me. Decay though probably will eventually cause me to leave – I have a life!

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