Today’s useful Wurm snippets for surviving without the site

Gleaned from earwigging irc mostly

* Alternative Forums !!!

* Someone says login servers are down – (19.20 pm gmt). A lot of people having trouble loading/logging in – (20.00) gmt. One person is having no trouble at all hahaha – in’t that the way 🙂 Some people have started playing Monopoly Online to pass the time while they can’t log in – whats not to love! Login back up 20.35 …. probably see a lot more of this.

* Posted by Tpikul at (our official temporary forum – vermin alert though) this incredibly useful thing – how to look at the wiki using google cache – should be good for a week or so from the 11th:

I’m happily fishing for doggie food just now but if things are being worked on I expect to be booted soon. If not I’ll look at irc now and then while I fish- it’s like listening to the radio, only dafter. Oh and the fishing pole doesn’t snap all the time anymore. I’m glad – I like fishing.

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